September 27, 2011

Looking for Reviewers - anyone can do it!

OK, so now I've figured out that my publicity for  'The Speed of Darkness' by Sarah Baethge my short novel is never gonna grow unless I wrangle in a few reviews. Specifically, Amazon will give you space to post a review if you buy the book: on Kindle from
If you have  your own place for reviews you can get it for kindle on amazon,
 or in any format available at Smashwords.

any other information you need, you can contact me
on twitter: @22niel
on Google+: +米机生苛 (just highlight-copy&paste)
on linkedin:
or facebook:

thanks alot!

September 26, 2011

rewriting the description

A guy on the boards suggested that I rewrite my description in order to attract buyers to my book. So I rewrote it. If something that simple makes my sales jump I'm gonna be mad that I rushed through its writing the first time. Now it's gonna bug me that I can't remember why I was in such a rush the first time.
and I'm just annoyed that amazon makes me wait a 2-3 day time period so they can approve of what I wrote before they post it.
buy hey; it's here:
just read at least the free sample that it lets you download

September 18, 2011

Solution to my ISBN worries

Earlier I was whining about lacking the money to buy an ISBN?
I found a solution!
If you agree to let Smashwords list themselves as the publisher of your book on their site, they will buy and give you an ISBN that applies to copies of your book originating from that site FREE.
Sure, I still have no ISBN for any version of my book that is stored elsewhere, but now as long as I list Smashwords as the publisher of that copy with it's empty-space reformatting and a few re-wordings of events that I felt were needed as I went through it trying to make the changes necessary to get their submission-checking computer to accept it, I have an ISBN number to fill out the countless forms that not having one made impossible to complete!
Smashwords somewhat rules.