May 02, 2014

My current work in progress

Yesterday I finished the latest editings to my story The Illumination Query, as were suggested by my beta readers. If any of you guys want a look at what I did, I've thrown together a .mobi with the right text. The file was made quickly so it doesn't have nice page breaks like the original beta-copy but I think it should read fine otherwise.
I'm hoping that this first piece of my Speed of Darkness series might be ready to go now. As I've put a bit more time, thought and effort into this undertaking than I've given to anything else I have ever written before, I don't want to just self-publish this book.
I now undertake what I have heard from several sources can be the hardest part of writing a book. I am looking to find a literary agent who is willing to work with me and my story so I can get it published by a respected publishing house.