January 31, 2012

I think that last blog title hurt me....

Want to guess what happened to that story?
Don't worry about it, I'm sure I'll continue it at some time. In fact, Rachel Hadley's recent review of The Speed of Darkness has put me in the mood to write a prequel for it.
And don't let me try to get clever with words here in a way that's that's gonna leave me questioning whether or not the story will come to be; if I could end that other by saying my talk could curse it, I'm saying now- unquestionably, and quite assuredly- I AM going to write my prequel through to it's end without working on anything else until it's done.

January 16, 2012

Now this probably curses it, but....

I've gotten a pretty good sized set of notes together for a story I'd like to write. I still haven't decided on a perfect ending for it, but I have enough that I don't think I will be able to just give up on it. Even if I plan nothing new I'm gonna give up this planning in a couple of days and simply get to writing. If I get to a point where I can't write any more, I think that this story, now called 'Panoptemitry' will get finished; or at least join the other 2-3 I'm working on with parts on my Kindle.
So those of you who ask if I'm currently working on anything, the answer now is yes. I WILL start writing that first chapter tomorrow whether or not I decide on the ending today. If I get stuck I'll start back on the one I'm calling 'Meant to Be.' Even if that doesn't work I can always switch back to 'The Link' that I started in Galveston...
Yeah, I'm gonna keep up reading and reviewing new books; but with any luck, I will produce 1 (if not 2 or 3) full length books this year that will easily outshine 'The Speed of Darkness.'