December 12, 2011

Ready to Start Something New

You know? Getting a few bad reviews probably did me good! I no longer feel the urge to spend so much time trying to market the silly story that I wrote until I gave up on a couple years ago. I am glad that I finally felt brave enough to show off my writing without waiting for someone else's approval!
More than one reviewer stated that they thought I had potential, and even though they may just have been feeling nice, it made me feel good. I will be careful now to avoid the mistakes they pointed out and focus again entirely on writing.
As one of the major problems alluded to was the feeling that I had rushed (I did. If you don't count the amount of time I declared it done and did nothing with it...)That makes me feel good about the few stories I have held back on my computer because of the feeling they need something more.
Like the story I'm trying to put together now. I keep having new ideas for it every couple of days, and putting that into an outline. I don't want to start the actual writing of it, until I feel that outline is complete. I probably won't try working on that one seriously until next year. I want to leave it open to any of the new ideas I might get over the holiday. I tentatively plan to focus on its writing until I get back home after new years. By then; with all my idea filled notes to frame it, it will not be rushed.

...or maybe I'll switch to one of my two or three half written stories with its own set of notes. And maybe my short story 'Right Now' will have been accepted by then! (I enjoyed writing that one enough I'll probably self publish it soon if I can't get anyone to bite at it.)
Whatever, I feel comfortable to consider myself a writer now.

December 09, 2011

Happy with the 1 star review

Say what? Perhaps it's just too early in the morning, but I like the review I got today:
1/5 score, but not because my story stinks or I'm a crappy writer, but because I didn't spend enough time finessing my words and writing into the best that they could be; apparently I left a few rather glaring mistakes. So why does this earn my enjoyment? Because of the time and effort I'm taking with my current writing.
a happy reminder that resisting the urge to rush, may be be beneficial.
And hey, if you don't get too worried about the technical aspects of writing, you can read a novel that, according to Heather, has 'a promising storyline' by an author described with 'great ideas are in her head.'