March 25, 2012

Fun With Shelfari

Well, yesterday I discovered the wonders of Shelfari. I had seen enough folks mention it that I knew I should look into attaching my books there, but yesterday when I finally had the free time to check it out, I found that it was much more than just another place to advertise. In fact, both of my stories on Amazon were already added by other people without my knowledge, so I guess you could say that my fun there came down to my love of books!
What I spent a long time on shelfari doing, was copying my book reviews off of goodreads to stand next to the book descriptions there. As many of the books I've reviewed aren't mainstream, well known books; there are a few that stand right now with no description other than my review. I do plan to go back through to give my list of books with no 'official' description the description that their author or publishing company have with the work where it is sold.
I just wanted to show off the cool shelf widget on the side off my blog that can show off a list of books I've read with pop-up copies of my reviews.

March 14, 2012

KDP Select promo-day schedule (and readers, please review me!)

My story Right Now is almost down to it's last free day on Amazon KDP select, and I'm sure everyone I know who cares has already gotten it free some earlier promo day. Cool enough, I gave away like twice as many as my other book has ever sold. (and that's only in America). I even managed to give away a few copies in Germany!
I did save back one free day for my birthday(March 17, St. Patrick's day). Maybe for luck or something?
Well, thinking about it yesterday, I figured I probably needed to advertize the Free day in a couple of new places If I want to catch someone who might get it yet doesn't have it yet. Simple, I figure, there's got to be a place or two where people list books with what day they are free.
You know? I fail at internet today. I haven't been able to find one place to do just that. Sure there are a couple of places that have their own pre-set days where you can screw around with your free day schedule and join them, but I want my book to be free on my birthday!
If you don't have it; It's free March 17 here:
Or it's always free with Amazon prime.

And if you want to be cool you can rate it, or even write a review afterwards.
Just go to: and click that little grey bar that says 'create your own review.'

(Yes, while writing this, looking for listings at Goodreads did occur to me; I'm off to do that now. If you know of anywhere else I could add to a listing of free kindle book days, please tell me!)

March 12, 2012

Results of my book hand-outs

I must say, I am more than impressed by the KDP select program. Last week it worked out so I was pitting my Kindle Free-Days of My New Short Story
against the Smashwords giveaway of my full-length book. I expected the new one to do a little better because, you know, Amazon is more known, and I couldn't expect friends and family who'd already read my silly sci-fi werewolf book to go get it AGAIN.
The size of the difference though, has floored me. the book on Smashwords made a good 13-14 sales. Yeah, I know that's nothing but it's maybe a third of my total sales on the site. The book on Amazon? 80!
And then, this morning I realize that's only 80 in the US. going through the Amazon paperwork/pages it looks like I sold 80 in the US, 35 in Britain and 3 in Germany!
Geeze, I didn't expect that one.
Whatever, this all just makes me happy. And if you haven't yet, please check out at either Amazon or Smashwords.

March 05, 2012

Right Now, FREE: KDP select

I'm using my short story, Right Now, to try my luck with the KDP select program. For people signed up foe Amazon Prime it is free to download.
For those of us who haven't signed up for Amazon Prime, its only $0.99.
Now, of course, with KDP Select every 90 days you can slate 5 days where the writing is free to everyone. So you can get my book free here: March 5, 7, 9, 10, and 17(just had to do that, March 17 is my Birthday :P)

March 04, 2012

Speed of Darkness, FREE: Smashwords promo

It seems, Smashwords is having a promo event from March 4 until March 10. This is your chance to get my short sci-fi book, The Speed of Darkness free!
Just go to, click add to cart, and enter: RE100 as your coupon code, click update and your price should be at $0.00. Now just click checkout, and the book is yours for nothing!

I guess the only hitch you may have, is that they do require that you have an account to buy something; but such a thing can also come to your advantage. Forever more, from -ANYWHERE-, you will be able to download any ebook you've bought on Smashwords, in just about any different file type. They also send you very little mail. Other than notifying you when purchases are made by your account, or asking for reviews of what you've recently purchased, they are virtually silent.

March 03, 2012

It's gotta be a sign!

Yesterday I decided to put 'Right Now' the short story I had a lot of fun writing a few months back into the Amazon KDP select program. The idea of getting paid to let them hand out my book for free was somewhat appealing because it would have a better chance of attracting people I don't know to read my unknown work. I realize of course the fact that it's offered free will make some turn up their noses at the story as either cheap or childish. But whatever, my pricier book with its extravagant cost of $2.99 isn't exactly generating more than maybe 2-3 sales a month.
Of course, except for like 20 days/year 'free' is only free for people paying for special Amazon membership. and $0.99 for everyone else. But whatever, I'm somewhat curious to see how this works out for me.
I'd have probably tried it earlier if I could have enrolled my other book in it, but Amazon won't allow KDP select books to be distributed by anywhere else. Because most of the copies of 'The Speed of Darkness' that other people own were distributed through Smashwords, I was somewhat leery of taking it down from that site to play with some shiny new thing at Amazon.
So now, as I'm in the middle of preparing my 'Right Now' manuscript to upload onto Amazon, Smashwords sends me an email. They are about to start a week long promo on their site where I can easily give my book there to people free. Obviously, I'm being told to throw these book promotion schemes into competition with each other. So if I play with my kindle free-for-everyone days (I can use up to 5 every 90 days) as this Smashwords sale runs, I should be able to either capture a few new readers or get my first returning readers. Once the books go free, I'll post it right here. So if you haven't read me, or have and want some more/ know someone else who's ready to try a book at no cost; check back at this blog for the links I'll give out once the books are free.