July 01, 2012

Now that's slightly irritating #KDPselect #SelfPublishing

I'm not truly much of a salesman, but I finally took the advice of more than one person who sell or review books and removed my book The Speed of Darkness from everywhere it was published, to give me to opportunity to rewrite it as a series; with better editing, more detail and a more professional looking cover(s).
Yesterday I had far too much fun playing with MSWord; linking together all of the folders on my computer that hold the separate books (in various stages of completion) to all be accessible through one file.
You see, I think it was unpublished everywhere but Smashwords before now (if you can still find it somewhere, I'd appreciate you're telling me), I just wanted to wait until the coupons I'd given to Operation eBook Drop expired before I removed it there.
I think some children's hospital in Oklahoma or Arizona may still have the manuscript to copy for bored patients. They can continue doing that as long as they want, along with any other school/hospital I may have sent it to to give out free.
That story will be rewritten as part of the eventual third book in the series.

What bugs me is the fact that now my Smashwords page stands free of anything but a few reviews I've written. I planned to upload my new short story (currently only on Amazon) Right Now to Smashwords by the time I'd taken TSOD down there.
I even made a point of not re-enrolling it in KDP select a month ago so their'ed be no legal snags in putting it on Smashwords (I know other people've done both at once, but that goes against all that happy little mini-writing that you must check-box AGREE to when signing up for kdp-select.)
It just seems that like Thursday, when I was checking out my Speed of Darkness info on Amazon (unpublished there; only exists as a draft on my account) something possessed me to re-enroll Right Now into KDP-select.) so anyone with Amazon Prime, you can get it free if you want until September 25 (The soonest date after which I'm allowed to move it to my Smashwords page).

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