January 08, 2013

Authors Can Get Ideas From Some Pretty Strange Places! (by Lauren Klever, author of 'The Secret Watchers'

Authors Can Get Ideas From Some Pretty Strange Places!

By Lauren Klever
Sometimes ideas jump from the shadows, taking you completely by surprise.  As I work on books four and five of my five book series, I’ve found that although some ideas are planned, many are not.  I believe most authors observe the world around them with intense interest.  Beware - anything you say or do may end up in one of our books!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “Wait.  Stop.  Say that again!”  To which, those who know me well roll their eyes.  I often find a place for these bits within the existing story.  I write, I read what I wrote and then I revise adding the new ingredients like a chef adds spice to a favorite dish.

Sometimes things don’t go that way at all.  Once in a while a fanciful whim taps you on the shoulder or smacks you over the head.  I’ve had lightening strike, so to speak, while I was writing.  I’ve had an idea pop into my head and completely change the direction of a scene or even a major part of the story.  I liken this to a riptide of thought.  It is almost like the characters are speaking to me and in a way... they are.  I’ve grown to love them and feel like they are friends.  I want to stay true to them and their own personal story within the context of the greater story, so on occasion, I allow them to carry me away.

Many scenes grow from bouncing ideas around with my friends and family.  Wherever I go, I always take a notebook, so when ideas strike, I can capture them.  One of these moments happened while at my son’s cross country meet.  As my friend and I watched our boys compete we became swept up in the idea of having my protagonist, Owen, be on the cross country team and formulated what would happen if, in the middle of a competition, he came across a villain he was not yet ready to handle.  I’ve got to tell you, ideas were flying faster than I could write.  I even had to call her after the meet to double check my rapid scribbles and finish some thoughts.  The time spent collaboratively thinking is some of the most fun I’ve had writing this series.  If you’re looking to be inspired, take a vague idea, sit down with someone you trust and hash it out.  You may be surprised at what jumps from the shadows for you to crystallize into a wonderful and amazing new piece! 

Lauren Klever is the author of The Secret Watchers series.  Book one, Visions, is available now and book two, Whispers, is due to release in February of 2013.  She is a K-12 educator, volunteer and parent.  Lauren can be found at any of the following places...

Website and blog:  http://thesecretwatchers.com 
Facebook, Author Fan Page:  http://facebook.com/authorLaurenKlever 
Facebook, The Secret Watchers Fan Page: http://facebook.com/OwenRyerseries  
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  1. I've gotten ideas from lots of strange sources too. A random comment from a friend, a description of someone's dream, a tv commercial, etc. All spark that "what if..."