August 15, 2012

Damn you Microsoft!!! count so far is: 2

Sorry for the title; I generally try not to cuss. (probably do it a little more often on the computer because the other person isn't really there)

Its just when something happens once, I can buy that it may have been an accident but TWICE now?

What I'm talking about is what's started occurring when Windows magically decides it needs to download several megabytes and then restart itself. The thing is, when this happens on my computer,  the data files for my Chrome browser mysteriously disappear.
It's like they want to use those 10 minutes (would be 5 on Chrome) it takes to download a new Chrome to just REMIND me how glitchy and slow internet explorer really is. (Like today after it sat there stuttering a bit it gave me a happy little error window saying it needs to cut off a few extensions.)
Today, at least, my new Chrome kindly remembered it's background and applications I already had loaded (last month I found that the background I had been using was no longer available so Microsoft still owes me something for that)
As I mostly work with blogging and ebooks, the browser is of more use to me than a cell phone.
Whatever there happy updates are doing with my computer what it ultimately comes down to is they are STEALING my access to my programs.
And taking away from the time I planned to be working on the book I'm currently writing (I do have a deadline this time remember?).

So, this type thing happening to anyone else? Feel free to stick around with me and I'll count how many times their competitor's magically disappears through their routine housekeeping. (As far as I can see, nothing else in my files has been touched.)

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