November 28, 2012

Are You Writing The Next Big Thing?

If you are, you might like to get into this blog chain that I'm scheduled to post in the second week of December called 'The Next Big Thing'.
I need to find 5 bloggers to link to who will make their posts during the week of December 17-23
I'm also linking back to the blogger who included me.
If you want to blog about what you're working on, with a link back to me and a link to 5 new bloggers who will post in the same way the week after you do, just leave me a note or message me!
Anyone following the blog chain will be able to find an ever-growing web of information about what is currently being written :)


  1. I'd give it a try. my page is

  2. Not sure if I understand how it works, but I'd love to participate. My email address is on my blog in case you need it:

  3. Replies
    1. great! can you give me a blog address to link to?

  4. I am writing the next big thing in Sci-Fi @
    right now I'm blogging about "Changing the Little Things" It's more of a self-help book about relationships. I hope to have "The Alien Pioneers" published this spring. hasn't been active. I've been actively blogging at

  5. I'm not sure I want to participate in this because I'm superstitious of talking about projects before they happen but it listed my number as 9 so hey, I'm following you.

    1. Well Ms. Word Mistress, I have to respect superstitions; I have enough of my own. Can I interest you instead in joining the other blog chain I've managed to get myself tangled into where you answer 10 set questions about one of your works?
      You'd post the answers December 19 with a link back to my answers I'm posting on Dec. 12 and to 5 new people you'll send the questions to who'll post their own answers with the same type links a week after you.
      If that works, just give me a link where you'll be posting, and I'll get you the questions when the girl before me sends them my way.

  6. I'm interested in this, but want to know more. What would be required of my blog post, and what kind of exposure would I get on the other blogs? My blog:

  7. Well, here's a twist (I think). When not developing client manuscripts, I'm working on and have been working on for more than three years now, the first historical fiction cast the protagonist. Been quite literally unearthing details about a late 19th century Southern California teen name Thelma whose untimely death due to complications associated with Scarlet Fever devastated the citizens of Redondo Beach and her single mom, Reita, who relocated Thelma 650 miles south from the Cali-Oregon border to escape the family from hell. Turns out mom, who we've learned is buried beside her daughter in an unmarked grave, was an aspiring short story writer who anonymously wrote a society column for the beach communities while working for L.A. Times founder, Harrison Otis. (Something really terrible happened to Thelma's mother Reita two years later in 1906. All very tragic.) In 2010, we held YouTube auditions to identify "our Thelma." The young lady who most convinced us that she was Thelma will now learn everything she can about her deceased 'sister in spirit.' As soon as we raise the production budget, we intend to fly her down to the graveyard in Redondo Beach, dress her in late 19th century attire, and interview her, graveside, on HDTV. Her responses, completely unknown to us until we flip on the camera, will drive the dialogue for 'CONVERSATIONS WITH A DEAD GIRL.' (www conversationswithadeadgirl com) We hope to determine if a teen girl of the era is really any different than a modern teen (in this case, the author's stepdaughter, Emily) when taking into account her hopes, dreams, fears, likes, dislikes, etc. We also hope to finally give Thelma a voice, one that she was robbed of more than 100 years ago. By the way, to the best of our knowledge, Thelma is the only dead 19th century teen to have more than 2,000 friends on Facebook.