November 04, 2012

This review made me grin

Sue Owen from Paper Mustang emailed to tell me of a new review for my book, The Speed of Darkness. As I'm currently writing a prequel, this was cool for me to read. It pretty much said my story was interesting, but my characters wren't likable.
Fair enough I suppose- better than the opposite.

           Should I worry that I've been told one of those disliked characters is quite like me?


  1. You shouldn't be worried at all, Sarah. You are a good writer but just need some polishing. Try writing a character study about your main character. Tell 'us' likes, dislikes, physical appearance, etc. It will help you get to know your character better and maybe come up with some things she would do that fit your story. Good luck! Sue/Paper Mustang.

  2. Sarah, I like reviews that let me know what I need to work on. Sue is right about writing a character profile with the positive and negative characteristics. This may help you show more of your characters profile in the story. I'm just starting to do this. read the three reviews at the top of this page. These reviews helped me make my next book that much better.

    1. I understand that keeping the thoughts of my critics in mind will help me to become a better writer. It's why I was sure to link it here where I can come back and find it to read again.