October 03, 2013

My first draft of The Illumination Query is written

When I woke up this morning I was prepared to not get to the ending until tomorrow.
In fact, I didn't even plan to work on the silly book until after I had some lunch- it's just that I suddenly felt like writing. This is my book The Speed of Darkness (part 1): The Illumination Query, a prequel to the story I used to have for sale yet took down because it has a couple of items I'd like to change for the bigger story that it will now be part of book 3 within.

Hmm that last sentence there sounded a bit less complex in my mind than it looks written down...

Well, the ending came at just the perfect time. I think I'll spend the rest of October dividing/combining the separate parts into logical chapters. Then in November I'll write something totally unrelated for NaNoWriMo to clear my head. By December with any luck I should be ready to take a crack at editing it.

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