November 01, 2013

Slacking Off Of NaNoWriMo?

Not exactly...
Ok giving myself less than a month to edit that book I was working on until I'm comfortable with putting it away for awhile wasn't long enough. Close there, looking at what I have left to polish on it, I should be satisfied with my new draft of The Illumination Query in less than 4 days.
And you know, while working on it I came up with the new story to work on for NaNoWriMo. I 'discovered' a good bit of action that occurs in the background of my story that is actually quite important even though I don't directly mention it. You may ask how it can be important if it never even tickled my mind before.
That would be because it doesn't directly involve either one of my story tellers in the book. How I have things written, I don't see any way to squeeze it in. As the story would probably be good to have written down so I can refer to it in the future for Illumination Query/Speed of Darkness sequels I'm going to try putting it together, even if it keeps me writing past November.

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