October 23, 2011

It's almost Short Fiction Week 2011? It must be a sign

This morning I finally worked out in my head how I could write a story with some fantasy characters I've been playing around with for quite a while.
My only problem was that before now that's all it was, 4 characters and no story. And one idea of a scene- a centaur and a satyr hiding inside a fast food joint, trying to serve customers without letting on that they aren't human.
My other 2 characters are a girl dragon in human form with the other mythical creatures and some teenage-20 something guy who is first meeting the others.
Now this was all a bit fanciful even for me so I tried not to give it too much serious thought; but the ideas kept coming back; building into more of a story.
I just knew certain things about my characters:

-The centaur is somehow in charge, the leader or something.

-The Centaur and the Satyr are much older than the other two, and have been teamed together to get past something seriously bad...

-My satyr has goat horns on his human head except one is broken short where the centaur kicked him once. Centaur dude feels guilty about this and it's probably the only reason why he will put up with the satyr acting like he does sometimes.. (you know, like a Satyr ^^)

-The normal guy somehow becomes a werewolf as a result of something the other three do and so they now feel responsible for looking out for him as his beliefs in reality are rewritten and keeping others safe from a werewolf who hasn't learned to control himself.
(As none of them are human they don't have to worry about going werewolf, I guess...)

Need I go on? All that's important is that I never felt it was enough to make a story
This morning I was looking at how it's still about a week until November so I probably shouldn't start on my NaNoWriMo story just yet, but that would be enough time for a semi-flash short story.
[if you ever heard that description before, it's probably 'cause I 'semi-made' it up~ flash-fiction, as I understand it uses no notes and very little forethought- I can't do that! I like to have even minimal notes; to build myself some sort of frame to work within and to spend a bit of time even if it's just a day or two to think about how I would react to the situations I've given my characters.]

So I decided I'm gonna write not the entire story of my 4 characters (for one reason- because I'm pretty sure I haven't thought it all up yet) but just the tale of how my creatures and the human came together, at their lovely fast-food place with dragon-fire-grilled burgers.
Hmm, I wonder if that mode of cooking would pass a health inspection....

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