October 31, 2011


A couple years ago, when I began writing The Speed of Darkness, I never stopped to worry about marketing I figured simply, If the book is any good, it will sell.
Now I realize that no matter how good or bad it may be, no opinions really matter if no one knows of its existence. Before now, the only people I know who have read it are the people I have talked to or contacted myself. No one else knows that it is out there, or even cares if it's any good without seeing the reaction of someone else.
This weekend the book finally began to generate reviews here. At the time I wrote this blog, it's only two, but with any luck, those reviews will get more people to read it. They both graded it 4/5 and seem to have enjoyed their reading.

So hey, care to see what they said, maybe read the book yourself where you can leave your own reaction to The Speed of Darkness?

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