October 02, 2011

New story idea! Why I want to just get it down

Finally I am just about ready to relax a bit on trying to publicize my silly werewolf book. This may have come about because it's finally going to appear in a couple of people's blogs, but really I think it might be because I find myself ready to write again.
I had the idea for what should become a short story on Friday. I've sketched out a story map- some quickly written notes, and am ready to start tomorrow.
Why go so slow? It's exactly how I went about writing my last short story, 'Right Now', and taking my time with that story somehow allowed my mind to play with the concept until the finished short became something that was almost nothing like my original concept for the story. So why risk that happening again?
'Right Now' may be my favorite thing that I have ever written. Currently I'm checking to see if a few small publishers may like it, but even if they don't, I am going to get that one out to the world even if I have to publish it myself.
This new story shouldn't take more than a week or two to write, and even if it happily stays just the way I see it to be, in that speed of writing way it's like 'Right Now' - an important fact.
I have more than enough half fleshed out unfinished story ideas. taking the time to analyze every word seems important, but in reality it does little other than open up self doubt. My stories I actually published: 'The Speed of Darkness' (at amazon or Smashwords) has had little other than cosmetic changes for the last 2-3 years and 'Breaking Away' remains incomplete on a peer review site ( http://www.iwritereadrate.com ) because the constant rereading just pulls me too close to my own story and I lose the nerve publishing it.
So timing is important, I don't want to rush through my writing so fast that I eliminate the effect that thinking about my story may have, yet I know that if I don't spur myself on a little I won't be willing to risk the fact that other people may not like my work.

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