March 04, 2012

Speed of Darkness, FREE: Smashwords promo

It seems, Smashwords is having a promo event from March 4 until March 10. This is your chance to get my short sci-fi book, The Speed of Darkness free!
Just go to, click add to cart, and enter: RE100 as your coupon code, click update and your price should be at $0.00. Now just click checkout, and the book is yours for nothing!

I guess the only hitch you may have, is that they do require that you have an account to buy something; but such a thing can also come to your advantage. Forever more, from -ANYWHERE-, you will be able to download any ebook you've bought on Smashwords, in just about any different file type. They also send you very little mail. Other than notifying you when purchases are made by your account, or asking for reviews of what you've recently purchased, they are virtually silent.

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