March 25, 2012

Fun With Shelfari

Well, yesterday I discovered the wonders of Shelfari. I had seen enough folks mention it that I knew I should look into attaching my books there, but yesterday when I finally had the free time to check it out, I found that it was much more than just another place to advertise. In fact, both of my stories on Amazon were already added by other people without my knowledge, so I guess you could say that my fun there came down to my love of books!
What I spent a long time on shelfari doing, was copying my book reviews off of goodreads to stand next to the book descriptions there. As many of the books I've reviewed aren't mainstream, well known books; there are a few that stand right now with no description other than my review. I do plan to go back through to give my list of books with no 'official' description the description that their author or publishing company have with the work where it is sold.
I just wanted to show off the cool shelf widget on the side off my blog that can show off a list of books I've read with pop-up copies of my reviews.

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