March 12, 2012

Results of my book hand-outs

I must say, I am more than impressed by the KDP select program. Last week it worked out so I was pitting my Kindle Free-Days of My New Short Story
against the Smashwords giveaway of my full-length book. I expected the new one to do a little better because, you know, Amazon is more known, and I couldn't expect friends and family who'd already read my silly sci-fi werewolf book to go get it AGAIN.
The size of the difference though, has floored me. the book on Smashwords made a good 13-14 sales. Yeah, I know that's nothing but it's maybe a third of my total sales on the site. The book on Amazon? 80!
And then, this morning I realize that's only 80 in the US. going through the Amazon paperwork/pages it looks like I sold 80 in the US, 35 in Britain and 3 in Germany!
Geeze, I didn't expect that one.
Whatever, this all just makes me happy. And if you haven't yet, please check out at either Amazon or Smashwords.

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