March 03, 2012

It's gotta be a sign!

Yesterday I decided to put 'Right Now' the short story I had a lot of fun writing a few months back into the Amazon KDP select program. The idea of getting paid to let them hand out my book for free was somewhat appealing because it would have a better chance of attracting people I don't know to read my unknown work. I realize of course the fact that it's offered free will make some turn up their noses at the story as either cheap or childish. But whatever, my pricier book with its extravagant cost of $2.99 isn't exactly generating more than maybe 2-3 sales a month.
Of course, except for like 20 days/year 'free' is only free for people paying for special Amazon membership. and $0.99 for everyone else. But whatever, I'm somewhat curious to see how this works out for me.
I'd have probably tried it earlier if I could have enrolled my other book in it, but Amazon won't allow KDP select books to be distributed by anywhere else. Because most of the copies of 'The Speed of Darkness' that other people own were distributed through Smashwords, I was somewhat leery of taking it down from that site to play with some shiny new thing at Amazon.
So now, as I'm in the middle of preparing my 'Right Now' manuscript to upload onto Amazon, Smashwords sends me an email. They are about to start a week long promo on their site where I can easily give my book there to people free. Obviously, I'm being told to throw these book promotion schemes into competition with each other. So if I play with my kindle free-for-everyone days (I can use up to 5 every 90 days) as this Smashwords sale runs, I should be able to either capture a few new readers or get my first returning readers. Once the books go free, I'll post it right here. So if you haven't read me, or have and want some more/ know someone else who's ready to try a book at no cost; check back at this blog for the links I'll give out once the books are free.

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